Recovery Gear

Range Industries collection of USA Made Recovery Gear products includes soft and hard shackle hitches, winch fairlead plates, and more!

About Range Industries Recovery Gear

Range Industries Hard Shackle recovery hitch with skid plate

About Recovery Gear

Off-road recovery equipment is an essential arsenal for adventurers and explorers who brave the rugged terrain of remote locations. Crafted with durability and versatility in mind, this equipment is designed to rescue vehicles trapped in challenging conditions, from mud pits to rocky inclines. Here's a breakdown of some key components:

  1. Recovery Straps: These heavy-duty nylon or polyester straps are the backbone of any off-road recovery kit. They're engineered to stretch under load, providing kinetic energy to help pull stuck vehicles free without causing abrupt jolts.
  2. Winches: A winch is a motorized device mounted on the front or rear of a vehicle, capable of spooling out strong cables or synthetic ropes. When combined with anchor points like trees or recovery points on other vehicles, winches can exert immense pulling power to extract stuck vehicles from the mire.
  3. Shackles and D-Rings: These robust metal loops serve as attachment points for recovery straps, winch cables, or snatch blocks. They're essential for creating secure connections between vehicles during recovery operations.
  4. Snatch Blocks: Also known as pulley blocks, these devices are used to multiply the pulling force of a winch. By rerouting the winch line through the snatch block and attaching it to a separate anchor point, users can effectively double the pulling capacity of their winch.
  5. Traction Aids: Items like traction mats or sand ladders provide grip for tires struggling in soft terrain like sand, snow, or mud. Placed under the tires, these aids increase traction and help vehicles gain traction to escape tricky situations.
  6. High-Lift Jacks: While primarily used for lifting vehicles to change tires or perform maintenance, high-lift jacks can also serve as a recovery tool. They can be employed to lift a vehicle out of a rut or precarious position, allowing for the placement of recovery tracks or other aids underneath.
  7. Air Compressor: Deflating tires can increase traction in soft terrain, but it's crucial to reinflate them afterward. An onboard air compressor enables adventurers to quickly restore tire pressure to optimal levels once they've navigated challenging terrain.
  8. Recovery Gloves: Safety should always come first during recovery operations. Sturdy gloves protect hands from sharp edges, hot surfaces, and abrasive materials while handling equipment or securing connections.
  9. Recovery Bag or Kit: Keeping all these components organized and easily accessible is key. A dedicated recovery bag or kit ensures that everything needed for a successful recovery is on hand when the unexpected happens.

Together, these pieces form a comprehensive off-road recovery system, empowering adventurers to tackle the toughest trails with confidence and peace of mind.