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2003-2011 Crown Victoria Big Brake Kit

2003-2011 Crown Victoria Big Brake Kit

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14" Rotors Included

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Have 18” or bigger wheels on your 2003-2011 Crown Vic swap? How about filling them out with 14” brakes? 

These brackets shift your stock CV calipers outward to allow use of a 14” Mustang rotor. This will give approximately a 20% increase in braking power.

 If you’re doing a brake job anyway, why not go for it?

 Just use a 2007-2014 14” mustang rotor such as AC Delco 18A2939 or Durago BR900918 and open the center bore up by .030” to 2.833”. This can be done in a lathe, or very carefully with a rotary tool by hand.

 OR buy the rotors from us with the center bore already machined to fit.

 *** Note- due to the difference in the rotor diameters, a sliver of the brake pad will overhang the rotor. We have found no ill effect to this. If it bothers you- it is simple to mark the pads and chisel away some of the friction material to match the curve of the bigger rotor.

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