Crown Victoria to Mustang Electric Steering Rack Kit

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Use a 2015+ mustang steering rack with your crown Victoria suspension. This kit has everything needed to get the rack mounted to the crossmember and tie rods connected. No drilling, welding, modifying required with this kit. Fully bolt-on. The kit comes with the machined adapter bar, inner tie rods that have been machined to fit crown Vic outer tie rods, and mounting hardware. You will need to buy a 2015+ Mustang EPAS rack with the wire harness to complete the installation.

Why do this?

No power steering pump needed! Many modern motors don’t have these anymore. If you do have one, free up space and HP by eliminating your power steering pump. No power steering fluid, and no leaks ever again!

Economical- The price of the mounting kit and a used mustang rack is comparable or cheaper than a conventional setup!