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Explorer 8.8 Brake kit with Electric Parking Brake

Explorer 8.8 Brake kit with Electric Parking Brake

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This kit lets you mount late model Ford rotors and calipers on your 95-03 Explorer 8.8 solid axle. This axle is commonly swapped into projects, and although it already has disc brakes, the parking brake setup is clunky and hard to adapt. Often, the parking brake is never hooked back up after an axle swap. This is a problem, especially with manual transmission cars and off-road vehicles. Not to mention that the brakes are 20+ years old and could probably use a re-fresh, so why not upgrade?

This kit adapts the axle to fit 2020+ explorer/interceptor/aviator brakes which uses an integrated electric parking brake on the calipers. There are two rotor/caliper combos available- a smaller solid rotor version found on the base Explorer (fits 17” wheels) and a large, vented disc version found on higher trim Explorers, Police Interceptors and Lincoln Aviators (fits 18” + wheels). This kit fits both variants. The kit includes the brackets, hardware, connectors, control switch, and breaker required to operate the parking brake. You will need to supply the rotors and calipers.

The advantage of the electric parking brake is obvious if you have ever adapted a mechanical one before- It is much easier to route electrical wires than adapt heavy pull cables, and make sure leverage ratios work together. And the holding power of the electric calipers is superb, extremely reliable, and easy to operate. There is a reason most modern vehicles now use them.

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