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1961-1978 Ford F-100 Bolt-In Crown Victoria Front Suspension Kit

1961-1978 Ford F-100 Bolt-In Crown Victoria Front Suspension Kit

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This bolt in kit is designed to mount the 2003-2011 Crown Victoria front suspension to trucks with 34” outside to outside frame rails. It does not require welding, only drilling holes. It stiffens the factory frame where the crossmember mounts and ties the Crown Victoria suspension securely to your frame. This kit contains all brackets and hardware necessary for install. 


Install Notes:

Install this kit by first cutting all old bracketry out of the way.  Also pop out the factory assembly/alignment pins from the CV crossmember. Then place the crown Vic suspension under your frame and check wheel/fender alignment. Once you are happy with wheel placement, make sure it is centered and square, then mark the 5/8” holes in the frame rail. We recommend drilling to ¾” to have some wiggle room. Now install the crossmember, inserting the inner frame brace in place. Push it tight against the inside of the frame and tighten the mounting bolts. You can now use the bracket as a template to drill 4x 1/2” holes in the vertical web of the frame rail to bolt the upper brackets in place. Use the M10 bolts and nuts to attach them to the frame, and the M12 bolts to attach to the CV crossmember. Once the crossmember is installed, bolt the rear mounts to the control arm and use them as a template to drill ½” holes in the frame rails for the ½” mounting bolts. Install using the M12 fasteners and nuts, Use 2 shims per side to set your caster.


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