Range Industries collection of restomod products includes our USA-made suspension conversion kits, brake upgrade kits, dash inserts, body fill panels, and more!

About Range Industries Restomod

About Restomod

Restomod parts are components designed to blend the classic aesthetics of vintage vehicles with modern performance, reliability, and convenience. These parts are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate into older car models while offering enhanced functionality and improved driving experience. From engines and drivetrains to suspension systems and interior amenities, restomod parts encompass a wide range of upgrades tailored to meet the needs and desires of automotive enthusiasts.

Engine and Drivetrain:
Restomod engines often feature modern powerplants equipped with advanced fuel injection systems, electronic ignition, and high-performance components. These upgrades not only deliver increased horsepower and torque but also enhance fuel efficiency and drivability. Transmission upgrades may include the integration of modern automatic or manual gearboxes with improved shift quality and smoother operation.

Suspension and Chassis:
Upgrading the suspension and chassis components is crucial for achieving optimal handling and ride comfort in a restomod project. Modern suspension systems, such as independent front and rear setups, adjustable coilovers, and upgraded sway bars, provide superior cornering capabilities and road-holding performance. Reinforced chassis components and frame stiffening measures ensure enhanced structural integrity and stability, especially during high-performance driving.

Braking System:
Restomod braking systems incorporate modern disc brake setups with improved calipers, rotors, and brake pads to deliver superior stopping power and fade resistance. Upgraded brake master cylinders and hydraulic systems provide precise pedal feel and modulation, enhancing overall safety and control.

Interior and Electronics:
Interior upgrades focus on blending vintage aesthetics with modern comfort and convenience features. Custom-designed seats, upholsteries, and trim materials offer a luxurious and ergonomic cabin environment. Modern infotainment systems with touchscreen displays, navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and advanced audio systems provide entertainment and connectivity options while maintaining the classic charm of the vehicle.

Exterior Enhancements:
Exterior restomod parts aim to enhance the visual appeal and aerodynamic performance of the vehicle without compromising its original design ethos. Upgraded lighting systems, such as LED headlights and taillights, improve visibility and safety on the road. Custom body modifications, aerodynamic enhancements, and high-quality paint finishes ensure a head-turning appearance that pays homage to the vehicle's heritage while reflecting modern styling cues.

Overall, restomod parts represent a harmonious fusion of vintage aesthetics and modern engineering, allowing automotive enthusiasts to enjoy the best of both worlds: the timeless elegance of classic cars with the performance, reliability, and comfort of contemporary vehicles.